November 2012 - Iolanthe

Iolanthe was Gilbert and Sullivan's seventh collaboration, and satirises many aspects of British government and law.

Strephon, an Arcadian shepherd, wants to marry Phyllis, a Ward of Chancery. Phyllis does not know that Strephon is half fairy (his upper half his legs are mortal!) and when she sees Strephon kissing a seemingly young woman, she assumes the worst. But her "rival" turns out to be none other than Strephon's own mother, Iolanthe, a fairy fairies never grow old.

But Phyllis' guardian, the Lord Chancellor, and half the peers in the House of Lords are sighing after her. Soon the peers and the fairies are virtually at war, and long friendships are nearly torn asunder. But all is happily sorted out, thanks to the "subtleties of the legal mind".

York Opera will be performing the Theatre Royal from 7th to 10th November, with an additional matinee peformance on 10th. Rehearsals will be at Lidgett Grove Methodist Church from 24th May.

Auditions have completed, and information on the cast is available here.

Director - Pauline Marshall

Assistant Director - Hilary Dyson

Musical Director - Alasdair Jamieson