June 2011 - Trial By Jury - preceded by The Betrothal

Gilbert and Sullivanís earliest surviving comic opera collaboration, Trial By Jury is a parody of Victorian judges and the legal system.

The Betrothal is a specially written celebration of Victorian music, telling the story of.... well, come and see.

The production took place at The Kirk Theatre, Pickering, and then the National Centre for Early Music, York, in June 2011.

Rehearsal Video

These clips are from the first run-through rehearsal of Trial By Jury. A couple of principals were missing, and the parts taken by their covers.

Oh, I Was Like That When A Lad

All Hail, Great Judge

When I, Good Friends, Was Called to the Bar

Oh Gentlemen, Listen I Pray

I Love Him, I Love Him - even the best of us make mistakes...