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1968 Orpheus

Photographs featuring Ian Kennedy, Bill Ankers, Clive Marshall, David Ward, Tony Pawson, Peter Swann, Barbara Eglen, Colin Bunyan, Eileen Henderson, Glen Jackson and Pauline Chadwick.


1969 La Vie Parisienne

Photographs featuring Judith Bushby, Glenville Hargreaves, Pauline Chadwick, Clive Marshall, Eileen Henderson, Barbara Eglen and Anick Longuet.

1970 The Merry Wives of Windsor

Photograph featuring the company.

1971 The Bartered Bride

Photograph featuring Clive Marshall, Pauline Chadwick, Alec Brown.

1971 The Beggar's Opera

Photographs featuring Clive Marshall, Glen Jackson and Misari Tiptoes.

1972 Hansel and Gretel

Photograph featuring Eileen Henderson and Pauline Chadwick.

1973 Cavalleria Rusticana

Photographs featuring the company, Pauline Chadwick and John Snape.

1973 Gianni Schicchi

Photograph featuring Peter Jacobs, Peter Walls, Liz Carrington, Richard Shouksmith and Tony Pearson.

1975 Elixir of Love

Photograph featuring Robert Wade, Galloway Bell and company.

1978 Macbeth

Photograph featuring Pauline Chadwick.

1981 Hugh the Drover

Photograph featuring the company.

1983 Yeoman of the Guard

Photograph featuring John Soper, Linda Baxter, Marion Russell and the company.

1984 La Belle Helene

Photograph featuring the company.

1984 The Jacobin

Photographs featuring David Ward, Marion Russell, Ken Humphreys, David Neild and the company.

1989 The Merry Wives of Windsor

Photographs featuring the company.

1990 Rich Claus, Poor Claus

Photographs featuring Rachel Haywood and the company.

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